Friday, December 19, 2008

My Little boy

My son just turned 13 a few days ago and that sucks. He is at an age when he wants to be with his friends more and me less. I know I sound like a girl (mom) but it sucks that my boy is getting old.

For years Christmas was boring until we had Sammy and I got to live the excitement of Christmas through his eyes. I was a kid again, playing with cars, games and toys. It was fun again to talk about Santa and see his eyes light up on Christmas morning. Now that he is older it is turning boring again. I think it becomes boring when kids get to the age when they ask for video games and electronic stuff. Opening a video game is not like opening a bike or a big wheel. I do have a good surprise for him this year so I'm looking forward to making him (me) happy.

If you have small kids enjoy it now!

The picture is of my wife at the small town parade up the street.

Exercise/training update - NOTHING!