Sunday, December 6, 2009

I finished!

The big run has come and gone and I'm still alive. This past Thanksgiving I got up early and made my way along with one of my brothers to downtown Atlanta. It was cold at the start of the Atlanta 1/2 Marathon but I was soon sweating. With every mile my brother asked if I was OK and with every mile my answer was no. I hurt from step one and by the end I didn't think I could finish. I could see the end and still wanted to stop. I was not at all ready for this and for the first time in my life actually worried that I may have some kind of medical problem on the course. Since this time last year I have gained 30+ pounds (lost about 10 for this race) and did not have the time nor put in the quality runs to be ready for this run.

But I made it! I finished with a time around 2:07 was happy was the effort. I walked long enough in the aid stations to drink and then got back to running. My brother put in a great effort and now wants more. During the race he said that a marathon was too far and he would be happy to do another 1/2. I knew he would change his mind after a few days of rest and that has already happened. He is talking full marathon and I'm going to give it another try. That race last year left me feeling like I failed. I finished a marathon but I want to run a marathon. So, training for the marathon starts!