Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starting Over

How hard! It's been about 7 months since I did any kind of exercise. I've gained 20+ pounds and feel like crap. I keep saying tomorrow I'll start but it comes and goes. This past weekend I ran for the first time, a short 1 mile run and I had to push myself to make it a mile. For the next 3 days I hurt! How do you get back up and get going? HELP


Richard said...

You need to make it your lifestyle. Put it on the calendar and do it. Do what you love. For you I would start with getting on the bike. You CAN DO IT!

Kevin said...

Sign up for a race. Have a goal to reach for. Maybe Emerald pointe tri? It is a good sprint and their would be plenty of time to train for it. If your not up for a tri right now, maybe do a Half marathon in October or November.

Once you have a goal, tell lots of people

andy said...

Just get up,put on your shoes and go run!!!